Facts that you do not know about progressive slots

Progressive slots can be the ultimate source of fun for avid slot gamers. By playing progressive slot games at NetBet, you will have a chance of winning an attractive jackpot. However, novice slot players like to learn more about these progressive slots.

Need to deal with high credits to grab the prize

The number of credits you have wagered will make a difference in slot machines’ payout. However, in case of progressive slot games, the number of credits will never matter. Your bet for the spin will enable you to calculate the amount you can win and lose.

In most cases, you need to place a high bet to be eligible for the optimal payout for playing progressive slots.

When you do not play the max bet, there is a very low chance of hitting the jackpot. To place your wager, the game will make a difference in odds on the spin.

Progressive slots are highly advantageous for players

Theoretically, progressive slots give several advantages to players. But, it is natural that when you invest a good amount in slots, your winning chances will increase. However, no one knows how and when the slot machine will pay you out. Thus, you will be due for a payout.

RTP is comparatively low

One of the demerits is that RTP for progressive slots is low. In most cases, it is about 95%. The best games are those, which offer more than 98% RTP. However, what will happen when no player had won the amount but the occasional jackpot? Although the amount is big, the RTP is lower than 95%,

Thus, as a beginner, you can start playing normal slot games. When you feel confident about your bankroll, you can play progressive slots.

Get bigger wins with smaller progressives

There are some differences between progressive jackpots. You can find variations in sizes. You will have a higher winning chance when the group of games is smaller in the progressive jackpots. Thus, some players claim that there are better odds with the standalone slots.

Mega Moolah- One of the popular progressive slot games

Mega Moolah is the product of Microgaming, and it has become a highly famous virtual video slot. The 5×3-reel game presents you with 25 paylines. This slot game also includes an attractive soundtrack, graphics, and a safari theme.

Elephants, zebras, giraffes, and several other animals are symbols of the game. Moreover, the lowest paying symbols include A – 10. There are also bonus spin rounds and multipliers with the game. The most interesting thing is that the game presents you with4progressive jackpots, including the Minor, Mini, Mega, and Major Jackpot.

The lucky player, Jonathon Heywood, has won £13.2 million in 2015, and Guinness World Records has tracked it.

Thus, these are some interesting details about progressive slots. Before playing the slot games in the casino, you need to know about the useful information related to progressive jackpots. You can make the best decision before playing the slot game.

Huey Maik
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